Magnifi Mini - can't sync sub

Hello - I'm following directions on syncing my Magnifi Mini with the sub. It lost contact about a week ago. I noticed degraded sound but didn't think to check.

I know I should activate syncing on the soundbar AND the sub, per the manual. But after several tries nothing works. I tried plugging/unplugging both multiple times. Also tried activating sync on the sub, and the soundbar, before and after each other.

What to do? Tech support doesn't open for 2 more days and there are auto races this weekend.


  • txcoastal1txcoastal1 Posts: 7,465
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    Are you still getting sound out of the mini? Is the sound out of the mini normal?

    When you mention degraded sound was it the sub, the mini, or both?
  • mnbskamnbska Posts: 7
    Mini sound is fine, never degraded. Sub output just stopped, never degraded, and the green light blinked on and off.

    The blinking was NOT the three-on "sync" blinking. I can get the sub to three-on "sync blink" by pressing the button, but the default blinking on the sub is just a steady green on-off blinking.
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 5,794
    Here are some instructions that might help:
    The SurroundBar bar and wireless subwoofer come
    from the factory preset to work together. If the wireless
    subwoofer stops receiving an audio signal, follow these
    instructions to re-establish the connection.

    Move the subwoofer as close to the bar so you can reach them simultaneously.

    1. Make sure to have the bar on and playing audio.

    2. Unplug or turn off the subwoofer’s AC Mains switch.

    3. Press and hold the SYNC button on the back
    of the bar for six seconds (6) seconds.
    Continue to hold the button down during this synching process.
    Do not let it go!!!

    4. After 3 seconds, turn on the subwoofer’s AC Mains switch and continued to hold for an additional 3 seconds. (6 seconds total for this process.)
    When the subwoofer LED turns solid green the bar and subwoofer are connected and ready to use.

    5. The LED on the back of the bar will blink,
    indicating that the bar and the subwoofer
    are ready to be connected

    Cheers, Ken
  • mnbskamnbska Posts: 7
    Unfortunately the Magnifi Mini doesn't have these buttons and the instructions are different. Maybe you're thinking of the full size version?

    I did try with audio playing, but maybe I'll try holding the buttons down longer versus letting them go when the sync lights activate.
  • Nexus88Nexus88 Posts: 4
    Registered to follow this thread as I am having the exact same problem. Finally realized why the sound isn't what it used to be and it was due to the sub was no longer connected. Tried connecting as per instructions (this happened one other time as well and I was able to pair them again using the pairing instructions), but this doesn;t work, sub flashes green - never reconnects.
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 5,794
    The best recommendation would be to contact Polk's CS department at: 1-800-377-7655 select option 1, I'm sure they can help.
  • alvintchinalvintchin Posts: 1
    Be sure not to place UR set up too close to a Linksys Velop Wi-Fi mesh router as it will cause all kinds of problems. Moved everything to my condo where my wireless router is approx. 12' away from everything. Now everything is running A-OK.
  • Nexus88Nexus88 Posts: 4
    Interesting observation. I have a Google Wifi mesh router about 4 feet from the mini.
  • Nexus88Nexus88 Posts: 4
    Just a quick update: I hadn't called the CS dept yet, but I did try turning off my mesh router and restarting both mini and sub and tried to re-pair to no avail.
  • mnbskamnbska Posts: 7
    Received replacement sub; does not work either. Hopefully i can get a new bar; stay tuned.
  • Nexus88Nexus88 Posts: 4
    That's not very encouraging. I called CS today and they will send me another sub they said. Now I have my doubts if that will even work. Keep me (us) updated please.
  • mnbskamnbska Posts: 7
    Hi there, the sub doesn't work with the old bar. Only a new bar will work. Or at least that was my experience. I can't imagine what could break on these things, or there isn't a way to reflash the software or do some kind of hard reboot or diagnostic. Then again I'm sure nobody ever thought that would be needed.
  • @mnbska I had a conversation with Laurence about this issue today but we were not able to come up with anything.

    The only other thing I could think of is it could be a firmware issue. Have you put the Magnifi Mini on your network and do any updates?
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