Wonder Woman

Strong BadStrong Bad Posts: 4,127
Just got home from seeing this.

It was fantastic, well done and very fun movie! Gal Gadot is stunningly gorgeous and PERFECT as Diana / Wonder Woman. She crushed it! Chris Pine did a great job as Steve Trevor.

Go see it!


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 6,565
    Good to know.
  • mantismantis Posts: 14,553
    It's funny before Superman VS Batman where she first appeared as Wonder Women I was completely out on Gal Gadot being Wonder Women.
    I saw her first in Fast and Furious and thought she was amazingly hot and beautiful but was a bit to skinny to play that roll.
    But after seeing her in Superman and the Previews for Wonder Women I'm sold she is the right choice for the Roll.
  • Jimbo18Jimbo18 Posts: 1,402
    The trailers are awesome. Looking forward to seeing this more than any other movie this year. Hopefully, this weekend.
  • Jimbo18Jimbo18 Posts: 1,402
    Just came back from watching it. No spoilers. Great movie - lots of necessary CGI, but the characters, dialog, and storyline are what it makes it great.

    After Batman v Superman, DC needed a winner. This isn't as dark or humorless as many of their movies.
  • cfrizzcfrizz Posts: 12,553
    I saw this last night with Mark, it was terrific.

    It was a bit different from the comics of WW that I read as a kid, but definitely very interesting.

    Great acting, storyline and CGI. Just a real good time to be had.
  • ZLTFULZLTFUL Posts: 3,928
    Short of the Dark Knight, this is the best DC movie to date and the first, IMHO, to go toe to toe with Marvel so far.
  • bikezappabikezappa Posts: 2,480
    Sounds like a good rainy day movie.
  • cvccvc Posts: 55
    After seeing the trailer on tv, I thought it looked a bit cheesy and was planning on skipping it.. However, word was out that people were actually enjoying the flick and then I read the posts here and decided to check it out..

    It was a good movie.. I enjoyed it and will definitely watch it again sometime.. Highly Recommended!
  • warrenwarren Posts: 457
    It's all good with Wonder Woman, she was hot in the comic books!
  • StewStew Posts: 564
    Family enjoyed this one!
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