Any Experience Comparing Signature Series S60, S55, S50, S20? (Friend Interested)



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    I recently purchased a Vincent PHO 8 phono pre which took my vinyl to a new level for sure. These S60's do a really fine job with pure analog. Of course the Vincent gets a lot of the credit, but even it didn't sound this good up till now.

    2 channel: Anthem 225 Integrated amp; Parasound Ztuner; TechnicsTT SL1350; Vincent PHO-8 phono pre; Marantz CD6005 spinner; Polk Signature S60's
    Cables: Wireworld Eclipse IC, Audio Art IC3; Speaker cable LA International SS-800; PS Audio AC-3 power cords; All into a PS Audio Dectet Power center.

    All TV's sound enhanced by Polk Magnfi Mini's.

    Other; SDA2BTL's, M10 series II, M7C's, Hafler XL600 amp, RB-980BX, Parasound HCA-1500 amp , P5 preamp, all in storage.

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    Mr. L - what do you think of the S20s for music?
    Have you tried them without the sub?
    I can only go by the BB demo, and without the sub there they were terribly lacking, however I don't know that whatever was powering them was passing full range when the sub was out of the mix. For how thin they sounded, I have to at least wonder whether it was just powering down the sub, but not changing the signal to full range.

    Hey Msg - I did test S20s for music without a sub in the past. They sounded very good overall. From mid to high -- excellent. I really feel like Polk nailed the tweeters with the Signature line. Some other brands are tuned so high that it sounds too bright or harsh for my ears (like Klipsch). The S20 gives me strong highs with great mid-range depth. The bass could be considered lacking depending on the genre of music and your overall taste. Like others said, moving the S20 against the wall added a tad more bass. However, I would definitely add a powered sub if the S20s were my Front L/R speakers (I'm a big movie guy so that is a must). Hope that helps!

    It does, thank you, good info!
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