can I connect an SR2 to the network and listen to the AUX-IN connected to a SB1 in the same group?

I'm obviously lacking a bit of knowledge and/or components here...

If I have an output of my Blueray (for example) connected to the AUX-IN on my SB1, is there any way to get the same audio delivered to an SR2 on the same network, over the wifi without additional devices?

I'm trying to setup a theatre, I have a pay-tv STB with an analogue audio out. It is connected to the SB1 AUX-IN. I have just purchased an SR2 thinking I could 'group' those speakers together and have the same audio on both the SR2 and SB1 coming from that AUX-IN input.

i have not found a way... is there one?

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  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,369
    I'll check for you.
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  • bucketteabuckettea Posts: 11
    thanks Ken for your efforts!

    does seem a shame to disable a feature, rather than have the user decide which one they want to use... easier to accept you can't have both. i guess the lesson here is don't listen to the sales people
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