Just picked up a Rotel RB-956-AX Six Channel Amp

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Hi guys

It's been a long time since I posted. Life has been really busy. Last time I posted my 2nd daughter was born. Well, now I have four beautiful girls and two jobs.

I've been getting the audio itch lately so I took a peek at my Letgo app for some used audio gear. I saw an ad for the Rotel Amp for $100. I chatted with the seller and he let me have it for $85. The guy only lives 10min away which was nice and convenient (He also has an NAD av-711 for sale which I might pick up). Lol. It's perfect looking and fully functional. No issues at all with anything. It sounds really nice. The Amp is not a huge powerful Amp as its only rated at 40w x 6 but can me bridged to 90w x 3. It has plenty of power driving my modest R20's and R30's. Bass is nice and controlled, highs are clear without any fatigue. The Amp sounds just as loud as my Carver Av-405 rated at 100w x 2.

Here are some pics:


Anyone else have this Amp?


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    Nice score!

    I don't have that amp, but I do have a Rotel RB-985 MKII five channel amp in the home theatre. It drives Polk LC265i in wall (like LSi9's), Lsi C center, and Polk LC60i ceiling speakers.

    Snagged from web pic....

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    Nice snag for 85 bucks, congrats.
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