From a Room Vol 1: Stapleton nails it.

If any of you all are Chris Stapleton's fan's and if your not give is latest album a listen. As good as the last and as usual it's just awesome. The tracks "either way" and "death row" blow me away.



  • gudnoyezgudnoyez Posts: 5,469
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    I got it the day it came out great music my only complaint is its only a tad over 30 minutes Vol II comes out later this year a must have. He comes to town this fall Tickets will go pretty fast I'm sure.
  • PSOVLSKPSOVLSK Posts: 3,441
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    Not a country music fan, but I do like Chris Stapleton. I agree that this is a great album and I also agree that it stinks that its only a little over 30 minutes.

    Others may disagree, but I think the sound is blues with a little country. Worth a listen for those of you who, like me, are not country music fans.
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  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 2,596
    I didn't know it had been released until recently and then didn't have the time until Sunday night to give a decent listen. Of course I don't have the album yet, so I've been playing from Spotify. I plan to pick it up on vinyl and cd as I normally do when I find something I like.
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