Klipsch AW-650

bikezappabikezappa Posts: 2,499
I purchased these out door speakers about two years ago. They worked fine for a few months but I noticed that they sounded distorted during and after a good rain storm. The next day they sounded fine. I also noticed that over time the output of one speaker was reduced and required a balance adjustment. This issue was also intermittent. Finally about a month ago one speaker had no output. Amp and wiring were checked out to be fine. The speaker had open resistance and was clearly broken. Replaced speaker worked fine. No warranty because the Amazon seller was not an authorized by Klipsch. Also they will not repair them.

I tried to repair the speaker but can't open it up. There are a two openings on back of the speakers near the terminals.

Anyone know any tricks or procedures to get inside this speaker without using a saw or hammer?

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