Echo Dot DAC and bluetooth

mpitogompitogo Posts: 61
If you're into streaming from Amazon because you have prime. You maybe using an Alexa device such as the Echo or Echo Dot. I mainly use the Echo Dot. I found the Echo Dot has a poor DAC. It has a builtin 1/8" jack for analog out with "Alexa volume 10" could be considered line level. Using it this way it sounded muffled and had poor bass response. Since it had Bluetooth capabilities I read about BT audio capabilities and decided to try it out. Luckily I was passing through and saw signs of my neighborhood Radio Shack closing. I went in looking around and found they have an inexpensive BT DAC with builtin optical spdif. I gave it a try, big difference.

I have the RS BT connected to a switched outlet so is only on when I listen to music. The rest of the time it can still act as a home assistant.

The other option is using the Amazon Music App on an iOS device and using AirPlay. In my case I use it to an Airport Express with optical out.

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