Bi Wire/ Bi Amplification

Im pretty new to the higher end HT components and could use a little insight as to wiring my in ceiling speakers. Im running 3 B&K Reference amps. A B&K 200.7, a B&K 7250 (5 channel) and a B&K 200.2. The 200.2 is running my Kinergetics SW800 sub towers. The other two amps are running my 11.2 surround speakers with one extra channel. My Marantz AV7702 has Atmos to make my system 13.2. My question is can I run both of my Definitive Technology in ceiling speakers off of my 1 extra channel or do I need another amp?


  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    Jeff - Short answer, no, I don't believe you could 'bi-amp' both in ceiling speakers off of your extra channel. Honestly, with 200 watts going to each of the 11 speakers in your HT, I don't think bi-amping any would yield a noticeable difference in sound. As for bi-wiring, you could do that by removing the stock jumpers and running speaker cables terminated for bi-wiring (single +/- at the amp end and dual +/- at the speaker end. But, it'd be easier just to upgrade the stock jumpers by making new jumpers out of the same speaker wire you're running and stick with a normal 2 conductor speaker cable.

    Hope you're enjoying the Bostons. Did you ever find a pair of the VR-MX's?
  • schatzi2015schatzi2015 Posts: 69
    No VR-MX's yet. They seem to be kinda hard to find in black.
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