Anyone see this yet ?

tonybtonyb Posts: 27,218

How cool is that, in Oled yet. Though I can't for the life of me figure out how those vibrations are good for the screens longevity.

Skip needs to buy one and fill us in. :)


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 6,612
    Pretty nifty but the oled's are way out of my price range at the moment. Love the picture btw. Roaring pixels who'd a thunk.
  • rednedtugentrednedtugent Posts: 9,896
    Cool. Thanks Tony.
  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 1,801
    Those people @ Sony are pretty sharp, no pun intended.
  • rednedtugentrednedtugent Posts: 9,896
    I'm waiting for someone to Pan the sonics.
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,218
    I'm waiting for someone to Pan the sonics.

    It does pan the sonics, along the screen anyway. Can't imagine it sounding all that great though. Even with built in speakers these newer TV's sound like crappola. Wonder how that tech works with a HT system, if you can turn it on/off. this just another marketing gimmick.
  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 2,598
    It's funny how they mention the sound following the car across the screen then discuss its two sound transducers. So it's like every othe stereo tv, cept the screen is also a speaker. Kind of neat though, A 75" screen driver,
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