I want to replace trilam domes in RT 16s, not RTi6 or any other similar. Going to use Heil/ESS ribbo


Feedback pls...
Amp as Marantz 2220...or Onk HT R667 w new motherboard...or Onk TX 8511.
Cannot solder, don't wanna tweak covers.

I have stacked fried eggs, 2 2ax pairs...now using OLA w KLH 6 on top.
Sweet but am 60, too many too loud Strats and subscribe to the principle of inaudible highs have real psych effect. Dig those heil ribbons.

OLA w klh six a and b simult, vinyl insanely loud on a Tech 1650 w wannabe Pick xsv d3000...Jimi, Carlos, Miles, Knopfler, BeckerFagen...Donald Byrd, Wes, Bob Welch...

That's a Tech SL1650 tt, have an XA and an 8080 also.

Lets here some configs from alla yall, lol...

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  • jamespearcejamespearce Posts: 7
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    Ty for feedback, clicked ,no, by accident on ,did this answer your question?,.


  • Do not wanna tweak XOVERS!
  • Oh duh and advise re: Fusing on pictured Heils pls.
    Open? Capsule in line? I know about the AR manuf recc. on the 10/6 or 10/6 dual elements for discotheque levels.

    Jim Pearce, Marietta, OK
    By way of Chicago and Miami...

    AR 2ax rebuilt by physics prof at OU, sweet pairs.
  • Dennis GardnerDennis Gardner Posts: 4,727
    You would need to compare the specs of the dome being replaced with the Heil ribbon that you plan to use. I'm not personally familiar with what dome they used in the RT16, and what crossover tweaks were made to work with it. It rarely is a direct swap in modern speakers for different types of drivers since they make most of the changes needed within the crossover and don't put user friendly L-pads on the outside for users to adjust anymore. The Heil would have to match pretty closely in specs to work as a drop in replacement for the dome that Polk made.
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  • Looking for specs on RT16 drivers, crossover points and any info that might help eval matching criteria.
    Also considering using the small Heil tweets in KLH 6 or Large advent.
    Seeking homebrew pair with widest freq resp amalgam/hybrid/bastardization out of what I have.
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