Apple Music family plan not working


I purchased the Apple Music family share plan and shared with my family. And it works great on my wife's phone. However, when I want to invite my friend into this sharing plan, it often prompts her to get a subscription of Apple Music. I was annoying with this problem and search some solutions on Google. I had tried all possible way but failed. And a solution said I can convert the Apple Music to get the Apple Music family share working. Is it legal to do that?

Anybody experienced?


  • mantismantis Posts: 14,686
    Call Apple they will get it fixed for yeah.
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  • BlueMDPickerBlueMDPicker Old Polk Posts: 6,761
    It may require that your friend have an Apple ID (email address or I believe the email address can be obtained free of charge.

  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 7,202
    No, that's not legal. Also it seems like you posted this to advertise this program, being your first post here, IMO.
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