PSW 505

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Are all the remaining psw505 refurbishes or are there still new units floating around.


  • marcpamjocemarcpamjoce Registered User Posts: 41
    Maybe what i should be asking is does Polk still produce this sub or is it discontinued. I understand that there are a few new ones on Amazon, but do they still mfg. these?
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    I checked the sub section at the Polk website plus did a search. The website is disappointing because they do not have a legacy section for discontinued products nor do they provide any info on this sub that still sells at Yamaha. It did not come up in my search. So, who knows? Maybe call Polk and ask them.

    If you plan on getting one, knowing if Amazon has the last few could spur a buying decision. There are over 1,800 mostly very positive reviews posted for this sub at Amazon.
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    A PSW505 is a great budget sub. Only one problem is there seams to be an amp problem. I have seen a lot of post on this board and have had a couple of friend who's 505's amp died after 2 years

    For me I would double down and get either a HSU VTF1 or and SVS
  • no, they are not making the sub any more so you can get it for a heck of a deal. i remember it being a kind of expensive sub at full price. its good for movies and music IMO. i set my crossover to the lowest setting which i think 60hz so i mainly just picks up the really deep lows and its great for that really deep bass.

    i have had a few brands of subs and the polk subs are the one ones i have liked.
    i have had 2 other nicer polk subs and i though they were great. i bought a low end polk sub once but it went back to the store pretty fast, it just sounded cheap.

    the 505 has excellent deep floor shaking bass with the crossover set to 60hz and the volume knob on the sub set around 3 o clock or less. i barley need to turn the volume up on the sub and windows rattle and door knobs vibrate and the speaker is barley moving even with really bass heavy music. that is with my receivers volume around only 3 o clock.

    with the music channel i have on Pandora that plays all that 80's bass music. stuff that is made to be played in car stereos at bass competitions. say i put the volume on the receiver to 6 o clock that subs speaker starts moving like crazy and things start falling off my book shelf and what not, it gets extremely loud at 6 o clock and this sub has no issue handling that and the sub sounds just as good at those volumes as it does at normal listening volumes. it even sounds good at low listening volume.

    for rock and roll, country, pop, blue grass blues and so on it sound very good to me i try and set it so you can just barley tell its there but if something really bass heavy come on you get that nice deep growl.

    now if you turn the crossover on the sub up past 12 oclock on the 505 im not sure i like how it sounds but if you keep it so its only playing the lower frequencies it sounds excellent to me. if you want a sub that is good for more than the really deep bass you may want to look some other place but if you want something that can belt out the really deep bass and sound really good doing it i think this sub rocks.
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