Acoustic Panel Build



  • machonemachone Posts: 691
    I used 1" pipe insulation to cover the bungee cords.



  • DSkipDSkip Posts: 12,892
    Nawwww - go Industrial!

  • machonemachone Posts: 691
    Found some missing bass last night.
    Return To Forever-Romantic Warrior
    In the first song "Medieval Overture" towards the end there is a organ note that drops down very low. In this room it has always been weak in the listening position. I could walk up to the front wall and it would be stronger.
    With the addition of only two bass traps the bass is much stronger in the listening position.
    I like it! :)
  • machonemachone Posts: 691
    I recovered the two first reflection panels with black.
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    edited May 24
    I've got a few yards of burlap purchased from ATS if anyone wants to pay shipping. Otherwise no cost to you. Came rolled up so no creases. I'll just need to figure out how to ship it. It's 56" high and yards long. I bought mostly the Natural but also some yards of Ivory.

    My DIY builds in the natural.

    I also used this stuff on the back boards. It's a very interesting "paint".

  • txcoastal1txcoastal1 Posts: 7,395
    Here are some I built for LSAF. Stands are made with black pipe and base filled with lead shot.

  • machonemachone Posts: 691
    edited June 18
    I added clouds this weekend.
    Really helped focus the image.
    It just keeps getting better and better. :)
  • machonemachone Posts: 691
    More info on the clouds.

    I used hardware from HD. Dipped the hooks in black Rustoleum. The chain came black. The plastic toggles are great because they do not fall apart when the screw is removed (in this case the screw is a 10-24 J-hook).
    I mounted the frames before attaching fabric and fiberglass.

    With the addition of the clouds the image feels more solid. I am noticing things like two voices where before I thought it was one voice. The same with instruments. Also there is better depth and separation between voices and instruments.

    I guess now that I don't have as many sound waves bouncing around the room I can hear what is actually coming out the the speakers.

  • aboroth00aboroth00 Posts: 979
    Very nice work y'all!
  • HermitismHermitism Posts: 1,204
    machone wrote: »
    More info on the clouds. I mounted the frames before attaching fabric and fiberglass.


    How on Earth did you do that??? Drywall lift? I honestly can't figure out how you added the insulation and fabric once the frames were on the ceiling. I had a hard enough time doing it on the floor.

    Nevertheless great job! A+
  • machonemachone Posts: 691
    Bad description on my part.
    I pre-installed the frames without fiberglass and fabric.
    I then took them down finished them and reinstalled. B)
  • HermitismHermitism Posts: 1,204
    Gotcha! Makes much more sense now. I seriously thought you were some sort of spider mutant with eight appendages to be able to do that, even with a drywall lift. Great job.
  • machonemachone Posts: 691
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