Lightning Cable Solution

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As a frequent flier, I rely on my Shure IEMs (with memory foam buds) and music via my iPhone to keep things quiet.
My upgrade to an iPhone 7 forced the use of the included lightning cable to 3.5 mm adapter.
While effective, I learned at NAMM that Shure had plans for a lightning cable with mic that has a built in DAC, and is fully compatible with most of their IEM units, including mine.
They have listed the item as "available in the spring" since January, and it's almost summer. I queried their customer service this week and was told there is not definitive release date as of yet.
Was wondering if anyone knew of another solution to improve sound coming out of the lightning port.
I've considered an Oppo HA-2SE, but would like to avoid something else to have to carry around (hence the appeal of the Shure replacement cable).
Any thoughts / advise appreciated.
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    Didn't know Oppo made a Headphone DAC/Amp but dang that thing looks good. Worth $300 not sure but sure looks the part.
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