s30 vs csi a6

I have hard a lot about the CSI A6 but I can't find away to listen to it so I bought the s30 and I love the sound that come out of it but still want to know if any one have compared the to and can tell me which one sounds best.


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,775
    CSI A6 sounds better with the RTI A series speakers, and S30 sounds better with the signature series. Any other speakers they are matched with they will sound mediocre, to acceptable at best.
  • arekonarekon Posts: 77
    have had the A6 for a couple years below the tv. never thought it was that great til i flipped it over. paired with 75Ts. i love it
  • I have to s30 and the s20 I just want to make sure I got the right front stage set up. I love the way the set up sounds. But if it could be even better that's what I want.
  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 1,511
    I tried the CSi5 and 3 with my S60, nope aint happening. S30 blends right in. CSI speakers stood out way to much for my liking.

    I have a TSX250C in my bedroom HT with S20 and does ok, at least is doesn't stand out.

    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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  • arekonarekon Posts: 77
    if youre somewhat new to the regime, its safe to say youll be constantly wanting to upgrade. super addictive.
  • rburgess714rburgess714 Posts: 282
    I had a CSI a6 that I compared to the s35 with my 60s. The a6 which sounds great did not blend or match with the 60s. Same series and timbre makes for a nice seamless sound stage.
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