WTB: cs2 series II center

I'm looking to buy a cs2 series II center.. thanks


  • jojo674jojo674 Posts: 4
    Original owner SDA SRS 1.2 (1989) modded to TL's with VR3 Fortress mod.
    2 x Immedia Model 8 Dual Mono Amps (profile pic.) 250W/per--500W/per channel very clean. BDA-1060 Blue-Ray/CD XLR Balanced.
    Adcom GFP-750 Preamp XLR balanced.
    MSB Platiunum Plus DAC with latest mod, XLR Balanced.
    All Audioquest Anaconda XLR and RCA wiring. CPCC Model 11 power cables.
    Audio power industries Power Wedge Ultra 116 and 115.
    4 x Sound Connection S7-III 6ft each continuous copper Speaker wire
    Yamaha RXV-1 Surround sound receiver. Polk FXI A6 Center channel, & Polk CS2 Rear Channels
    Panasonic 60" Plasma.
    4 x 30 amp dedicated audio grade outlets. Two for the amps and 2 for the power conditioners. The only thing analog is the amp inputs
  • rta60460rta60460 Posts: 2
    I found one thanks
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