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KrazyMofo24KrazyMofo24 Posts: 1,117
I just picked up a Benchmark DAC-1 to use a dac for my Audeze LCD-2s and just realized it has a very good built in headphone amp. When researching for headphone amps I don't recall ever seeing the Benchmark on the list but it's definitely worth checking out.

I'm currently using it as a PRE, AMP, and DAC using optical to the Macbook and it's sounding great. Even though it's my first night with it I can tell it's a significant upgrade. I figured I'd share in case there is anyone else in the same boat.


  • DSkipDSkip Posts: 12,901
    Congrats Rock. Good to see you back around these parts. Will you be attending LSAF this year?

    I wouldn't mind getting my ears on that piece in the main rig sometime if you ever want to come out and have a few beers.
  • KrazyMofo24KrazyMofo24 Posts: 1,117
    Thanks Skip. I just checked the dates and should be able to make it out on at least one of those days. I'll definitely bring it definitely due to meet up again.
  • mikeyb128mikeyb128 Posts: 2,166
    I've had several of benchmarks dacs and are very, very good. I feel they don't get the attention they deserve due to not being "audiophile" enough. They are mostly used in the pro/studio setting so this might be why.
  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 17,657
    Owned the DAC1 for years, now I own a DAC2 that I use as my preamp/DAC.
  • KrazyMofo24KrazyMofo24 Posts: 1,117
    I'm definitely curious about the DAC2 and the DAC3 after owning this one. I haven't had a chance to test it out much with my speakers since my amp went out and my substitute isn't up to par.

    However for my headphones it made a huge difference. I tried the Peachtree idac with T+A preamp, Cambridge Azure 640A v2 which both claim to have decent amps and a couple of budget headphone amps but they aren't close to the benchmark.

    I think the good amp on the Benchmark that can power the Audeze LCD-2s is probably a big plus. I do think overall I prefer the Benchmark over the Peachtree. MSRP is the same but when you include USB, multiple inputs, remote like the Peachtree then it's almost double the price to get that for the Benchmark.

    But definitely curious about the new Sabre DACs on the Benchmark 3.
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