Striker Pro Zx question

My son got a set of Strikers and I have a couple of questions:

1. He says that on some/more-than-a-few games the bass is kind of "boomy". Aren't there adjustments that can be made on the Xbox One to tweak/de-tweak the bass ?

2. Sometimes the Xbox One and adapter experience a temporary dropout, and the settings adjust to "default". Not a big deal, but apparently other adapters (Turtle Beach, etc) remember your previous settings. Is there a "tweak" for "remember last settings" for the Strikers ?

I don't play any video games anymore (merely satisfied with supervising in the background) but if I can supply some solutions, then I figure that he'll be indebted to me for life. Or at least long enough to get the lawn mowed and the sidewalk trimmed. :)

The Strikers, btw, sound very nice to me. Comfy, too.
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