I have a magnifi mini sound bar that switches on automatically after i switched it off.

I have a magnifi mini sound bar that switches on automatically. How do I stip this?


  • @soekie Sorry for the late reply. When you say automatically turns on, can you explain that? Does it automatically turn on when you turn the TV on or does it turn itself on while the TV is off?
  • bjamesbjames Posts: 1
    I'm having this problem too. I turn off the magnifi mini and try listening to the tv's speakers. The mini turns itself back on. Can I disable this?
  • richrachrichrach Posts: 3
    edited December 2017
    Same here.
    I'm conneted with HDMI or Optic Cable.
    soundbar automatically turns on when TV switch on, even when I turn off soundbar it turns on back after several seconds.
    I urn off CEC (ARC) function on TV but soundbar still turns on automatically. very very depressive and disappointed.
  • Any one?
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