It's time for the Jedi to end...



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    andrew82 wrote: »
    @tonyb I actually really enjoyed Rogue One for what it was. The characters were refreshing, if a bit underdeveloped. No single one really did it for me; it was more the way they worked together that held my attention.

    I do agree that most Star Wars movies operate on a stale, recycled narrative. This is why I recommended above that they focus on an entirely different segment of the story, given the vast trove of canon they have to draw on. I think-if anything-Rogue One has shown the producers at Disney that they can be a bit more creative with the IP , and develop it beyond the traditional tropes and narrative.

    We both Immensely enjoyed it.
    A lot of the Star Wars stuff bores me, but this one was enjoyable and not silly.
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    Good movies so far, I just watched TESB 3 weeks ago.
    *climbs back into DeLorean to see the rest in chronological release order*
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