FS - Signet SL 260 B/U with biwire/biamp speakers in excellent condition

********************** Pick Up ONLY Washington DC *******************

- Audiophile on a Budget !! - $240.00


- Excellent Condition - 9/10

- Upgraded version with bi-wire/bi-amp connectors

- Goggle THEM !!!

Interesting Story !!

Signet maker of hi-end phono cartridges (made in Ohio ). Partnered with the Hi-tech National Canadian Computer audio team.

.. These are highly musical bookshelves using Seas tweeter and Vifa woofers. They indeed have very delicate highs and coherent mids and basses that you can listen to for hours without fatigue. Signet SL 260 is well known within the audiophile circle and sometimes compared favorably to the legendary Spica TC-50. The speakers function perfectly and look great.

- below is Stereophile review of the floorstanding version


- Can add speaker stands for $25.00 w/purchase.



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