No Receiver?

So i am wanting to buy a Polk Audio PSW10 for my computer set up and have a few questions before i buy it.
1: I do not want to buy a receiver for my setup due to the cost so i wanted to know if the setup would work without one.
2: Also i wanted to know if I use a Y cable from my sound-card to the Sub if i can set the low-pass on the sub still.
3: i have a nice set of Bose speakers that i want to run from the Sub after i set the low-pass so how would i do that?


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    Also I have a Sub out on my motherboard so would that work for music or just movies?
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    Sorry man, unless the speakers are powered you must have an amp.

    Do you have rca outputs out of your sound card? And are the speakers self powered?
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    Yes my speakers are powered. Is it possible for my to run a 3.5 mm slitter from my audio out and then run a Y cable to my Sub and one to my speakers?
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    Okay so more info about the soundcard would be helpful, but if you have a sub out I am assuming you have 5.1 outputs. So you should be able to connect the speakers to the front l/r outputs, and the then just use the sub out for the sub. You should a setting in the soundcard software that allows you to always have the sub on and set the crossover (80 is typical).

    That's all I can say without knowing the kind of soundcard you have...
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    Other question: how much is the PSW10? It's not a very good subwoofer, and if you go used you can get much better for the money.

    If you want to stick with Polk, I would recommend this:

    This is a great little sub that I used in a computer setup for awhile:

    It is much tighter than the PSW10, and it goes much deeper. Output it a bit limited, but at least as good as the PSW10 and it is for a computer setup.

  • I have a PSW10. It has line level in plus it has speaker level in and out. Do your powered speakers have line level RCA out? If so, you possibly could hook up the sub woofer line level in. Your speakers need either a line level out or a speaker level out in order to connect them directly to your sub.

    Another solution is buying either a used pre-amp on Craig's list or ebay or a low cost new pre-amp such as the Emotiva PT-100 ($299). Look for a used pre-amp that has either a sub out or possibly tape record out feature. I've used the receiver record out feature from my HK AVR to send sound to my computer and record my LPs. The pre-amp would let you send a signal to your powered speakers plus send the same signal to your sub.

    Emotiva makes powered monitors (Airmotiv 5s, etc). Those speakers can receive a signal out from a computer. Or, the signal out from the computer can be plugged into a pre-amp and then the pre-amp sends a signal to both the powered monitors and a sub-woofer. The Emotiva unit has analog inputs plus Blue Tooth AptX and 3 digital inputs - coax, optical, and usb. It has a nice digital DAC that may be much better than the DAC in your computer. With the Emotiva pre-amp, you could then use your speakers for 2.1 stereo TV and other applications..

    I think your best solution is getting a pre-amp.

    Possibly there may be a line level splitter that could take the signal out from your computer and create two identical signals - one sent to your monitors and another to your sub, but I'm not familiar with such devices.
  • The PSW10 is not a monster sub, but it is a good, low cost solution for certain set-ups. I'm in an apartment and if my sub rattled the dishes in my cupboards I would PO my neighbors. I don't need an eviction level sub. The PSW10 does pretty good for both music and movies in my current living situation. I'm happy with the PSW10. My living room is about 200 sq feet. I think it would also work just fine in a small to medium size bedroom/office 2.1 stereo set-up.
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    Ok so my main question for this is does the low pass setting on the sub work if i use a RL input? I have a Sub out on my motherboard too so can i adjust the low pass on my computer settings and use that for music too?
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    Ok so my main question for this is does the low pass setting on the sub work if i use a RL input? I have a Sub out on my motherboard too so can i adjust the low pass on my computer settings and use that for music too?

    I am not sure about the low pass, but the manual is available online and I am sure that it will tell you.

    As for the second question, again without knowing the type of soundcard or software you are running I cannot be sure, but yes, the crossover settings should be universal be default, i.e., applying to every sound that comes out of your computer.

    @DonnerUndBlitzen, while I agree that the PSW10 is perfectly fine for what it is, I am just saying that for the same money (about $100) you can do a lot better used. And its not about output or rattling cupboards, is about clean output and extension. The PSW10 only goes done to maybe 40 hz, it has high levels of distortion at moderate volumes, and at higher volumes the port chuffs audibly. Yes, 40hz extension will turn a pair of small monitors into almost full range speakers, and if you carefully integrate it and keep the volume in check you can have very decent sound. But for the same amount of money, you can get a sub that is tighter and goes deeper. Why not???
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    Yes but i am not good at buying things used and i think my parents would like me to use Amazon. My sound car is the one built into my Gigabyte B250-D3H motherboard. It looks like the low pass will not work with the RL cables but my motherboard has a center/subwoofer speaker out (orange). So do you think that will work for all media playing?
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    My speakers are the Bose Companion Series 2. The right one has two sets of RL inputs, and one 3.5 mm jack running to the left speaker. Another idea is how hard would it be to run a Y cable out of the audio out on my computer, then split it into the left and right inputs of the Sub then run the wires from there into my other speakers? I am new to the audio setup so sorry if i am making noob suggestions.
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    What if i bought this amp for it? Would it let my set up my system without much wiring?
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    Ok sorry for spamming but can i use this pre-amp
    and then use the powered speakers and sub after that? And what kind of input does this use? i couldn't figure it out? Can I run a AUX into it?
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    Those are car audio components. 12VDC
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    i know but would a pre amp work for a powered sub and speaker set?
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    Ok, your motherboard has left and right outs via the green 3.5MM jack, you say it's also got a subwoofer pre-out, ok, now your speakers are powered and so is the sub. Assuming you have a 3.5MM to your speakers now all you'd need is a 3.5mm to RCA for the sub to input to it's RCA inputs. Set it's volume to half way and set the crossover on it to 80ish and fiddle with the settings from there while it's working. Honestly it will work but will require fiddling with settings is all.

    You would then use the volume control in Windows to control volume, easy done. I know, I've done it before myself with acceptable results.
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    Ok but the problem is I hooked up a powered set of speakers to the sub out and I could never get any sound out of them? I'm running windows 10 so does anyone know how to set a sub up there? And lastly I have started thinking that buying a cheap receiver might be the way to go.
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