Magnifi vs Magnifi One Soundbars

Can someone please tell me the differences between the Magnifi ($499 list, $279 Amazon) and the Magnifi One ($399 list, $295 Amazon)?
The "Compare" tool on does not offer any useful information other than that the Magnifi One does not have a transferable warranty but the Magnifi does.
Thank you!


  • GemplerGempler Posts: 313
    Thanks TX. That helps, but I am still hopping for more. The Crutchfield chart tells me that there is an IOS/Android app to control the Magnifi but not the Magnifi One, the dimensions of these systems which reveal that though the subs look the same they are not, the compliment of drivers, and that the Magnifi offers a somewhat higher power rating than the Magnifi One. But why is the older Magnifi selling for the same price as the newer Magnifi One? Which sounds better? What features were added to or removed from the One if any.
    If anyone has direct experience with these units please let me know.
    Also considering the Klispch R-10B that has recently dropped to $299 and has very positive reviews.
    Thank you!
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,218
    More ? How it sounds is going to be subjective, but given the specs/price, it seems the original is the better of the 2. You have an extra woofer, bit more power, app to control it....what more is there to know ?

    If size is a factor, and you don't need the app....go for the newer one.
  • GemplerGempler Posts: 313
    That has got to be the first time an opinion was ever withheld on this forum ;)
    Unfortunatley neither Polk model is on display near me so auditioning it is not an option. Was going to take a chance on Polk's reputation and hoped to hear from someone with experiance. Since that has nit happened I am going to buy the Klispch which I was able to demo, sounds decent, and seems to be a good value.
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