earbuds for mom-in-law

I'm in the market for some mid-fi wireless earbuds but never have tried any.
IIRC the Sharp setup I got her does bluetooth. (google...yes)
They are for a Sharp XLHF102B so...
She needs to be able to wander to the laundry room from the other room
where the kit is set up.

Any ideas to jumpstart this project?
Studio 2 equipment;
Yamaha a-s2100 Amp, CD-2100 CD player, T-S500 tuner
Loudspeakers: Harbeth p3esr, Polk RT7
Cables: Aural Harmony Sonnet Interconnect II, WireWorld Equinox 7 speaker,
Black Cat silverstar 75 ohm digital, Signal Digital Power Cord, PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-3,
Pangea SE14, Voltz supplied interconnects
Optional: Arcam DV88 DVD/CD (HDCD) player, Polk SDS-400 speakers


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