So, h e l l froze over again ☺



  • Cool! Vince Gil has already done a cover of "I can't tell you why."
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    I have tried to like the Eagles since their conception, but just can't do it. I do appreciate Joe Walsh though.
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  • The big problem I had with groups like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, etc was overplay on FM radio. I had about a 15 year time out and then listened to The Who (Who's Next) and it was again OK to hear every so often - but not too often. The Rumors and Hotel California Lps must have been played a zillion times. I got burned out on many classic rock n roll bands.

    I'm not very interested in the geriatric ward tour of classic bands. But I can no longer get out myself and am almost ready for the geriatric ward. Some of my friends recently saw Randy Bachman (of the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive) and enjoyed the concert and the format (Bachman gave the background of many of the songs he sang). So, maybe the new Eagles lineup will be OK, we'll see.
  • Clint Black did a cover of "Desperado." Maybe they can also add Clint to the lineup, and dare we hope, The Oak Ridge Boys.
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    I realize there are a lot of Eagles haters out there.

    I am not one of them, and that Farewell One Tour (especially on Blu-Ray) is one of my absolute favorites. I love the material, performances, video and (especially) the SOUND QUALITY. Reference demo material, IMHO...
    One of my faves as well.The performance and production are both well done.As for the re boot,no thanx.,

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    Them aint no Eagles
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    Them aint no Eagles

    Correct, it's a money grab.

    Can't blame them.

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