Motorcyle sound system advice.

Im currently in the middle of a bike build. I love Polk speakers and am going to be running them on my bike, however I need help picking out an amp to run everything.
I will be running 4 speakers on my front fairing and 2 speakers on my saddle bags.
the 4 speakers on my fairing are 6.5inch Polk MM6501
the 2 speakers on my saddle bags are 6x9 Polk MM691
my issue is trying to find an amp. all of the speakers are 2.7 ohm
I am looking to build a crazy loud system.
I am also looking for a small in size amp as I plan to install it in my front fairing.
can anyone give me a recommendation on what amp would be best for my setup.


  • Hey Projectbagger,

    On my 2014 Streetglide I'm wanting to add the DB652 in fairing DB692 in saddlebags.
    Any advice on what amp I can install in the front fairing?

  • GlennDogGlennDog Posts: 1,186
    This is what I'm toying with for my 2016 SGS . . .any experience with JM products?
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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 297
    Soundstream's li'l Blue Wonder comes to mind. It's a 2 channel high current unit that can handle a load like that, but at 2.7 ohms per unit, the front 4 will be wired in series pairs for a 5.4 ohm load. The rears will need a separate amp for fill or just forget the rear as they'll be fairly useless against the exhaust sound.
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