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Hello All,

I'm currently thinking of adding a subwoofer to my set up. I'm currently running tsi 500's in the front, CS10 centre, and tsi 100's in the back. I've got all this running through a Pioneer VSX 520, though at some point I'm hoping to upgrade the receiver (I'm thinking Denon 4300h, but that's probably a whole other discussion).

Anyway, I quite like the speakers. They sound great for music, and the tsi500's put out enough bass for my liking on that front. However, I find low frequencies lack punch for movies. Unless the volume is turned up, I find the sound a little flat. I've been thinking that a subwoofer might fix that issue and give a little depth.

I'm in a pretty small apartment with carpeting (not sure what the exact measurement is). So I'm not looking to P/O the downstairs neighbours or rattle any windows. Recommendations on what sub to go for? Also, I can't say I have a budget yet.



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    Any sub is going to be heard by your neighbors, even a cheap one.
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    SVS PB-1000 or SB-1000 depending on preference. HSU VTF-2 MK5 would also be a good choice.
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    Some nice Presidents Day deals in the SVS outlet store. To the OP, SVS offers a 45 day no questions asked return policy and free shipping both ways. Nothing to lose IMO..
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    Don't listen to the previous three posters. They don't know what they're talking about. ;)

    Awesome, sub-frequency effects without annoying the neighbors:

    You're welcome.
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