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    Nightfall wrote: »
    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    I'm still not seeing anything on the lightning app that specifies MQA. Unless I'm retarded. I've looked everywhere and finger swiped every part of the screen.

    On the now playing screen it will show it's playing a 24 bit file.

    Yes I know. As I mentioned above, earlier in the thread. :smile:
  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,015
    kharp1 wrote: »
    My understanding of it is that they tried to develop an Android app, had problems with it over and over and decided to give up on it.

    I use an IPad Pro for audio but always android for phones. Crappy thing about app creation with android is you have to create an app on the base Linux system then you have to make it for each individual carrier. Then some phones require their own versions to work.

    1 app that can have dedicated time is turned into 10 copies with different coding and usually with their share of issues.

    Still team android though >:)
  • kharp1kharp1 Posts: 1,068
    I did not know this, interesting.
  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,015
    Yeah it sucks. If youre not approved by the carrier then the app is blocked from their play store.

    Some apps that are on sprint aren't on Verizon which has some that aren't available on att etc etc
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