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    Please feel free to read all of the comments that I posted instead of just looking at some pics and drawing conclusions. The explanation for what you see there (*and what happened afterwards*) is all above and on previous pages. Otherwise I respectfully submit you don't know what you're talking about sir.
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    You guys sure type fast!
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    Oh my god
    You guys just all got to have the last word and will not let this crap go. @motorstereo f$@!#= and your f+%)&?! Junior high school teacher. You come in to a thread and don't know what the hell is going on and start running off at the mouth like you're some kind of expert on what is going on in my house.
    You know what?
    You guys can have this damn thread. I was gonna keep blogging, but it is impossible to please you people..
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    Hey Carlton, just wanted to check in with you on your project to see how it's going. You do still have the speakers and Dreadnought, right? Haven't tossed everything out the window?

    Sorry man, I thought you requested your thread be deleted, as I couldn't find it a while back. Just trying to make light here. I'm sorry it got out of hand and some of us ganged up on you a bit and gave you a hard time. I was enjoying following along and learned a few things. I hope your project finished up nicely and that you're enjoying everything, or that things are going well if you're still working on it.
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    ^^^ Nice post, @msg, no BS.
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    I thought this thread was deleted?
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    The following is part of an e-mail exchange that I had with @KennethSwauger

    honestaquarian May 24
    I felt the need to send you this, because while I do not owe anyone an explanation for leaving the forum (*AGAIN*) I DO feel the need to clear the air with you about this issue and hope that something good will eventually come of all of this.
    Janet Jackson once made an observation/statement in an interview that stuck with me, because she was brave enough to admit it. They were talking about the teasing that goes on with kids as they are playing and such and Janet said that "not everyone can just brush that off". That stuck with me,because it applies to me as well. Some people can take being insulted or ribbed or teased and walk away and not feel any worse for wear.

    Others cannot do that so easily.

    The ones who DO feel this stuff more deeply and are affected by it are judged HARSHLY for being such pansies, punks, sissies and such for just having feelings!! (*and often the harshest critics are closet feelers themselves*)
    Some people can see the foolishness that people type and it doesn't bother them one bit.
    Meanwhile it DOES bother others and sometimes deeply and it doesn't just go away so easily.

    I am one of the latter and as much as I DO NOT like to admit it I AM.

    Believe it or not I actually lost sleep over the way that I was being treated by the trolls on my upgrade thread. Which is why I just finally decide to scrap the whole thing and give them a middle finger by having you delete it.
    It has taken me all of this time to finally get back to doing the upgrades, because every time I tried I would end up thinking about those jerks and the way that they were acting and I would just walk away from my speakers.

    Part of the problem with all of this is that there are essentially NO consequences for their behavior AND THEY KNOW IT.

    Another part of the problem is that often most people go to the victims of this bad behavior and ask the victims to make concessions INSTEAD of asking the perpetrators to do that.
    To once again use the example that I gave you previously; A child in class decides they don't want another child sitting near them for whatever reason. So they sneakily start lobbing spitballs at them or using their hands or fingers to flick the other child's ear or hair in order to bother them. When the child who is being bothered protests, the teacher (*who is only interested in bringing calm back to the class and not in doing anything more than that*) takes the quick and easy route and asks the child who is protesting to get up and move. Again most would see this as a perfectly feasible solution to the problem and leave it at that.
    What NEVER ceases to amaze me even now at age 50 is that I have to explain to people this is a backward solution and you are punishing the victim by doing this. Most people do not get what I am talking about (*it would appear you didn't either when I told you previously. If I am wrong please let me know*) and I have to explain further (*which is what I had to do with you and that is why I said what I said in the above parentheses*) that the wrong message is being sent here. That message being to the victim that it is NOT okay to stand up for yourself, as there will be repercussions. The message to the perpetrator is that they can get away with what they are doing and to keep doing it and it is "okay" as there are no repercussions for doing it. The really jacked up part is that the child who was bothering the other child wound up getting EXACTLY what they wanted (*that being the other child is no longer sitting near them*) and are no worse for the wear for doing what they did in order to get what they wanted.


    ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that the ADULT doesn't even see what was REALLY going on here! (*Mainly because they chose to take the quick and easy route that required the least amount of work to achieve and are perfectly happy with the results-which is peace and quiet in the classroom again*)

    No I am NOT asking for your pity or anything of that like. I am a grown man thank you very much. It has not exactly been easy to type this and it has taken all of this time to finally work up the nerve to do it.

    What I AM asking is that you consider what I have said and realize I am NOT the only one out there like this.

    As long as the trolls KNOW that there will be NO repercussions whatsoever for their bad behavior on this forum, they WILL continue to do what they are doing.
    Meanwhile the Southern New Englander in me will continue to quietly say F@%$ alla Y'all and not come back.

    I greatly appreciate what I have learned and gained here and will continue to benefit from it for some time to come. I am happy and grateful to have been able to participate in the transformer group buy and just wanted to be able to share with my fellow Polkies what I was doing and hopefully have them do the same on my thread.

    Unfortunately no one else chose to step up and I was left alone to do it.

    Now I can see WHY they opted out of sharing what they were doing.
    If you are not doing everything perfectly and making it look professional like you were selling it to someone and such then LORD HELP YOU. I STILL cannot believe all of that mess began over some ugly solder joints which have gone inside of and enclosed case, which will never be opened again (*unless something goes wrong*) that will be hidden behind the stereo!!

    Peace and long life my brother.

    KennethSwauger May 24
    Hello Carlton,
    Thank you for taking the time to send me your feelings, I can appreciate that it wasn't easy for you to do. A couple of weeks ago I enlisted the help of one of the Polk CS reps, Ken Carter, in trying to identify CP members who exhibited poor behavior and either correct this behavior or eliminate those members. I felt I couldn't do it alone and without some official support structure from Polk I would be subject to unwanted aggravation. While there was some initial observation and progress toward this resolution the project has somewhat stalled. I suspect Ken has other requirements that have temporarily needed his attention.
    I have forwarded your above post to Ken with the hope that it's sincerity gets things rolling once again.
    Again, thank you.
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    I tried to put all of this in one post,but it was too long and I lost all of it and had to break it up. I posted that e-mail exchange in the hopes that it will begin a conversation about the bad behavior that goes on here on this forum that I will not be returning to.
    I fully expect the trolls will return with their negativity, snark, jokes, condescension and what not. However since I am not coming back I will not be seeing any of it.
    Hopefully more people will step up and continue this conversation and not stand for this bad behavior.
    Especially the ganging up on people when they disagree with someone!

    What REALLY got to me above was how many people were clicking on the agree, like, and LOL tabs when the trolls were trolling and I got nothing when I was standing up to them! :(
    I DID, however get some Private messages of support from three members after I had decided to leave the forum. Gentleman I greatly appreciate it even if it was a little too late for me.
    Mad props to @KennethSwauger , @BlueBirdMusic , @msg and @ptrooper
    Thank you Ken
    Thank you Harry
    Thank you Scott
    Thank you Sean

    Listening to this ironically as I am typing this and it sounds SUBLIME!

    Almost at the 400 hour mark in the break in period. I never did reopen the dreadnought case and everything is working wonderfully!


    Bass improved by an order of magnitude. It is now very nearly as tight as my subs. Room modes notwithstanding.
    Mids and highs are far more detailed and have an ease that previously wasn't there. Vocals are no longer as shouty as they once were. This is something that one might not even notice until it is gone.
    Thank you @VR3 for the excellent crossovers!
    Trey rules!

    Happy soon to be 4th of July all and I'm gone.

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    Hey Carlton,
    thumbs up to your bravery in admitting being a feeler.
    Thumbs down to your feeling the need to leave, but I can understand the why of it,

    Again, I offer my sincere apologies for my part, real and perceived, in your upsetting experience here on your build thread. There certainly was a lot of emotion in those exchanges, and not all of it your own. This is an unfortunate end, to say the least.

    I'm glad you got your projects completed and enjoying them.

    Take it easy, man.
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    Great Thread Carlton.
    I do hope you change your mind and stay as i myself really enjoyed following your progress which i guarantee others will learn from in the future .This club needs more people like yourself who happily engage in threads showing their full progress and photographs. I myself have spent many many hours in the past rolling through various threads for information such as this as each of the problems i had occurred with my upgrades.
    I know its so very easy for me to say "don't let anyone upset you".I am sorry that i didn't reinforce your feelings during the posts.I myself don't have much time for people who knowingly play with others emotional responses, especially mine.
    In life we learn that everybody is different and there are those who obviously don't know when to stop. Well , where i come from a good punch to the head usually sorts things out quickly.
    Vr3mods is an Artist
    Glad to hear your feeling and hearing the music via Trey's workmanship.Its sad that its not seen whilst installed!Please let me know if you hear a difference at 500 hrs?
    Cheers Sean

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    I read through all ten pages to see what Carlton was speaking of. I see a lot of people trying to help and offering constructive advice. I see that advice being thrown back at the person trying to help including the OP calling me a drunk and calling others trolls. Actually, the only poor behavior seen here is from Carlton.
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