Sennheiser Replacement/Upgraded Cable

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I've been using a pair of Sennheiser HD 598cs headphones lately, picked up over the holiday.
They're not bad so far. Not as fat on the bottom end as the Bose TP-1As I usually wear, but overall better balanced and relatively comfortable.

The 3.5mm version of the cable that came with them is really short, and I'd like to pick up something a little longer for use in the office. As an aside, I had a new in package 3.5mm extension cable from Monoprice sitting around, thinking this would get me by until I found a longer cable. No. I'm mentioning this only to say that there was an obvious degradation in quality when I added this in. Didn't listen for very long after a couple of tests when I thought I noticed the bass dropping off noticeably. Would probably fall short elsewhere, as well. One of my more obvious observations in cable quality. I was actually surprised at the difference, I'm afraid to say. A bit spoiled, I guess.

So, I'm looking for a cable as good as or better than the oe cable for the 598cs.
Anyone using these or have any recommendations? Saw what looks like a nice offering on Amazon, but not sure of the quality. Apparently same as the Chinese offered Ebay ones.


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