Would you receive confirmation that you have registered your new Polk product? Thanks

Rec rm vm30 micro pro 3000 akai 2 channel. ht pioneer sc57 sunfire 5 x 200 panasonic 65" plasma lsim 705’s , 706c.
garage rig monitor 10s crossovers by VR3, dynamat, RDO-194's, new drivers. psw 111 Pioneer 9040 BDP53fd 100 " screen Nakamichi HD projector, and Panasonic 65” plasma.


  • daddyjtdaddyjt Posts: 607
    I doubt it - I never have. Your receipt is your best guarantee of warranty service anyhow - make sure you keep it in a secure place.
    Too much stuff to keep track of.

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  • ManticoreManticore Posts: 223
    That's funny, I was going to ask the same question considering many companies acknowledge receipt of your registration via e-mail. I registered my new stuff earlier this morning. Thanks good to know.
    Denon AVR X4200W
    Parasound HCA 1500A amplifier
    Adcom GFA 555 amplifier
    LG 65" Ultra HD4k
    LG 4kBR - UP970
    Denon DVM 4800
    Denon DP 3000 turntable
    Saec 308sx tonearm w/
    Dynavector 10x5 cart
    NAD pp 4 Phono Preamp
    MIT Avt3 Speaker c's
    Audio Quest Big Sur ic's
    Polk RTiA 7's
    Polk CSi A6
    Polk RTiA 3's
    Polk SDA 1C's modded
    Polk DSW PRO 440wi sub
    Infinity bu2 sub
    "The early Klingon gets the Gagh"
  • Yep2Yep2 Posts: 1,010
    So what did you buy? :)
  • jshousejshouse Posts: 1
    Have been through three sets of speakers, hope these polk speakers will feel the sounds Im looking for!!!!!!!
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