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I have a pair of Haswell CPU Mini-Chromebox PCs that I'm looking to sell. As many know, these make perfect Kodi (OpenElec/LibreElec) media streamers. I have them setup to dual boot for better functionality. They are basically like the Intel NUC, but designed to use M.2 SSD instead of 3.5" SATA.

As configured with Kodi, they are capable of perfect 1080-24p/60p playback of Bluray rips with full lossless audio bitstreaming (DTS-HDMA/TrueHD/ATMOS). They are very fast browsing, updating, etc.

Oh yeah, both are essentially dead quiet when running. You can barely hear fan noise when your ear is next to it.

Since I am transitioning things, I will probably just sell one for now. I will give info for each and let a buyer decide which one they like. I will sell the 2nd one once I get some other things sorted.

They are both based on Intel Haswell dual core Celeron 1.4GHz (2955U/2957U), both have 4GB of DDR3 RAM installed. Both are in excellent shape, and come with original box, accessories, etc.

Chromebox 1:
Acer CXI-2GKM, upgraded from 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM. 16GB SSD storage. Has Display Port and HDMI output. SD/multi card reader, and four USB3.0 ports. Wireless N, Bluetooth, and Gigabit ethernet port. I will also include an HP USB MCE IR sensor. These work perfect with Harmony or any MCE Remote to control Kodi.
Like this:

Currently configured to dual boot Chrome OS and Kodi (LibreElec-Krypton). This unit came in a package with a corded keyboard and mouse (both are unused). Has monitor mounting bracket and vertical stand. I will add actual photos later.

The dual boot is simple to use. If you want Kodi, just turn it on and you will have Kodi in about 10 seconds. If you want Chrome OS, hit CTRL-D when you see the white screen at boot and you will be in Chrome OS about 5 seconds later. They are very fast with these light operating systems installed. Chrome OS has full Chrome browser and supports virtually all Chrome add-ons and extensions. It can be used to stream more secure sources like Netflix, Amazon, etc. Kodi is useful for streaming local (attached drive or NAS) media files or streaming remote 'Add-on' sources. Lots of info out there.
Asking $120 shipped for this Chromebox.

Chromebox 2:
Asus Chrombox M004U, upgraded from 2GB to 4GB. Has Display Port and HDMI output. SD/multi card reader, and four USB3.0 ports. Wireless N, Bluetooth, and Gigabit ethernet port. I will also include an HP USB MCE IR sensor. These work perfect with Harmony or any MCE Remote to control Kodi. Comes with original box/mounting bracket/accessories (this one doesn't have keyboard/mouse).

Like this:

I can offer this model in one of two configurations.
Either with a 128GB SSD setup to dual boot with Windows 10/Kodi or
with a 16GB SSD setup to dual boot ChromeOS/Kodi.

The Windows 10 version is a fully licensed version of Window 10 x64 Pro. Win 10 takes about 60 seconds to boot fully, but it is snappy once it is up. The Kodi LibreElec boots in less than 10 seconds and is lightning fast. With the 16GB SSD, it would be configured to boot in the same manner as the one above.

Asking $170 shipped for the 128GB SSD Win 10 dual boot version, or $130 shipped for the 16GB SSD ChromeOS dual boot version.

PM with questions. Photos coming later or as requested.
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    Bump. Still have both of these available. Great little media boxes. Haven't grabbed photos yet but I can if there is any interest.
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    Bump. Price drop, $110 shipped for the Acer, $120 shipped for the ASUS (with 16GB/ChromeOS/LibreElec). Both will include the HP MCE IR receiver which works great with Kodi and a Harmony Remote.

    Contact me if interested and I'll get some photos taken. Both are in 'like new' condition and have been sitting out of reach since new in my entertainment center.

    BTW, these Haswell boxes are much faster/more capable than the older Zbox mini/nano PCs that I sold recently for a similar price. They can be upgraded to run Windows 10 if you get a larger SSD (m.2-42 size)...or you could get the one I have already configured and save some time.
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    With the 1st purchase of one of these Chromeboxes, I can also include an MCE compatible Xbox media remote that will fully control Kodi. I only have one of these to offer.
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    OK, the Asus chromebox is sold. Thanks Brian.
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    Bump. I still have the Acer CXi Chromebox. Currently configured with 4GB DDR3, 16GB SSD to dual boot Chrome/Kodi (LibreElec). $110 shipped.

    Can configure with 128GB SSD dual boot Windows 10/Kodi (LibreElec) for $160 shipped. It is actually quite snappy with Windows 10 considering the size/quiet form factor.

    Either way, it will include a USB IR (MCE) receiver and a compatible back-lit Xbox media remote.
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    Good seller here folks! Buy with confidence.
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    Bump. Any interest?
  • billbillwbillbillw Posts: 5,623
    Another bump.

    Price dropped to

    $100 shipped for the Acer with 16GB SSD (dual boot ChromeOS/Kodi)


    $150 shipped for the Acer with 128GB SSD (dual boot Windows 10/Kodi)

    Note: I only have one left to sell. It can be sold in either of the two configurations above.

    Feel free to ask questions.
  • billbillwbillbillw Posts: 5,623
  • billbillwbillbillw Posts: 5,623
    Bump. Still have the Acer Chromebox...$100 shipped for the 16GB version includes Xbox media remote and IR receiver for Kodi operation.
  • billbillwbillbillw Posts: 5,623
    A "May the 4th Be With You" bump. Versatile little PC here.
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    Bump. Still have this Acer Chromebox (shown as Chromebox 1 above). Will lower to $90 shipped for the 4GB/16GB dual boot Chrome OS/Kodi configuration. Price firm on 128GB setup with Win 10.
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    A last bump. Will have to give it up on ebay otherwise.
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    sold now...finally
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