Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone - Quick Thoughts

A bit of background:
Before my recent surgery I knew I'd be down for a while with no real ability to read, play games, or do much of anything other than listen to music and audio books. I wasn't able to go home for at least a couple weeks so it would have to be a portable setup, and since I was going to be in a hotel I figured noise cancellation would be nice to have as well The issue with my portable rig is that I can't really see the screens on my devices so I needed a headphone with controls and a mic that would allow me to control playback and use Siri, and wanted one without wires because as a blind man dealing with wires sucks.

So, I decided to use up all my stockpiled gift cards for Best Buy and pick up these Sony to test out.

My Thoughts on the Sony:
I initially wanted to write a full review but just a couple paragraphs in and realize I don't really have the ability right now to sit and write one of my typical long-winded reviews, my goal with this post is really to just give you guys a heads up on these. I'll provide a couple quick thoughts and then link you guys to a better post on Head-fi.

Simply put, these things are awesome! They are very comfortable, have top notch noise cancellation, are wireless and have the controls and Siri support I needed, appear to be built very well, have a good bluetooth range, have 20 hour battery life, have lots of great features that allow me to interact with the world even when noise cancelling is on...and most importantly sound really great.

Here is Jude's review over on Head-fi, should be the first review in the linked page below.
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