MM840 vs SX18

Hey guys!

So I am in Cape Town South Africa,

I really would like to get a MM840 however the next shipment is only coming in 3 months!
They have a Phoenix Gold SX18, do you think I wait or would the SX18 be okay ?

Maybe someone would be nice enough to ship me a MM ?

But for reals, Feedback please :)


  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,012
    @Sparrow500 Welcome to the Forum! I don't have experience with that PG sub, I did have a high performance 12 back in the day and it was really nice (deeper and better power handling than the MM) I do currently have the MM1240 single in my car and it sounds great. I've had it through 3 different systems now and it seems to be the only one staying put. Can't help with shipping though!
  • Thanks!
    I can get the MM1040. I listen to lots of trance. I would perfer to have the 8inch. How well does the 8 hit compared to the 10 ? Maybe I should go for the 10.
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