Polk Nue Era Headphones

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If you've heard them tell me about them. Comfortable? Do they seem durable? How do they sound?

Also, why are they $40 on Amazon but $80 from the Polk website? Are there different versions of the Nue Era?

Are these above or below the Nue Voe's?

Some of the reviews on Amazon are less than stellar.
The lows are poor for the price point. Not only will the sound extend as far as it should, but if given long, drawn out bass, it will distort and crackle.

The cord.. This is a bit of a concern for those of you who know why ear buds often(most of the time) fail. It's the cord. And this cord seems a bit weak and cheap. I could be wrong, but if you get them, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Maybe just paranoia, but other sets have taken their own method of reinforcement. These are sylicone injected I believe.

The volume. THIS is why I returned my first pair. I said "hey I think these are faulty. They just won't get that loud". Well turns out the second set was identical. They just don't get that loud. I don't want to listen at a deafening level, but I shouldn't have to be at 85-90% volume with my iPhone to listen casually.

I'd like to stick with Polk but I also don't want to be disappointed and throwing my money away. I need something in ear, very durable (especially the cable i.e. getting pulled/tugged on etc. and not breaking any solder joints in the ear buds or the 3.5mm end), and good sounding.
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