Surroundbar 9500 bt not working with tv on

I just bought a new surroundbar 9500 bt, works great but I cannot control the bar when I turn my tv on, I can't control it using its remote, or by even touching he screen, as soon as I turn my tv off it works fine. It still won't work on the other side of my loving room but if I move the bar out of the room it works fine with the tv on. Seems like some kind of interference from my tv not allowing me to control the bar at all. Also if I press and hold the bar remote control button I get a message on my tv so that's why it makes me think some kind of interference. Have you heard of something similar or know how to fix this?? I like the bar and don't want to have to return it


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    Welcome to Polk's forum. It's probably a good idea to check with Polk's CS department at 1-800-377-7655 select option 1. If anybody's run into that situation it will be them. Keep in mind this is an extremely busy season, so be patient.
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    i also bought today, feb. 11, 2017, polk audio 9500bt, have the same problem, it won't work if my tv is on
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    jalbisjr wrote: »
    i also bought today, feb. 11, 2017, polk audio 9500bt, have the same problem, it won't work if my tv is on

    Any luck? I have the same problem. Buttons on the bar and remote work fine until the TV is on at which point I'm locked into my audio settings. Very frustrating. FWIW I have a Samsung display.
  • Same here. Front panel buttons and remote functions do not work at all. I’ve returned and replaced the sound bar and new one does the same.
  • Using Samsung UN82MU8000 display.
  • danebdaneb Posts: 2
    I should have posted this months ago when I discovered the issue. I did call Polk at the suggestion of a previous poster and they knew what the problem was right off the bat. In my case, the problem was my plasma display. Or at least the inability of the Polk IR receiver to filter out excessive infrared noise. Sure enough, if you cover the IR receiver area with your hand or black electrical tape, the buttons and remote will work.

    In your case, it could be a similar issue, though I see that you have an LED backlit display so maybe something else is causing the interference. At any rate, cover up the IR port and see if that helps.
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