New install of amp & no sound on rears

kenwood hu
dxi6501s front
db652 rear
boss 5 channel amp pv3700

the first 3 worked fine before installing amp.
now rears have no sound.100% fade to rear = no sound either
wiring kit is 8 guage rockville
i have rcas from hu front to amp channels 1 and 2. not sure which one goes in the red, and which one goes in the white because these ends are blue and black
kit came with a speaker wire that i'm not sure how to hook up, it is double stranded with no color code or markings. do both strands go together in either the + or - or do they separate?
online says from amp to speaker and another says amp to crossover

tried both and no sound but i'm still not sure what part of the speaker wire goes where???


  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 6,841
    Speaker wire goes from amp to crossover then crossover to speakers. The + and - are separate, there should be some kind of marking on the wire to keep it straight, such as a white line running down one of the sides, or just text like the company name and wire gauge. If there is no markings you're going to have to follow it down by hand/eye.
  • I did exactly that. ran the speaker wire from amp channel one to crossover input. writing on one side so i figured that was + and i separated the 2 and connected. my crossovers were already installed and going to speakers and tweeters. with this there was no sound at all. Back up a little bit to the hu. That is first with rcas to amp, correct? absolutely nothing with this set up so i hooked my hu back up to the crossover input and i have sound again in front but none to back. so the way you are telling me isn't working
  • Is this for car audio? Does your amp turn on? If not you need to run a remote from hu to amp (blue wire). If amp turns on but you have no sound you might have a bad rca. Or you might just need to go into the settings of the hu to turn it on.
  • @samavi In my experience with Kenwood decks they can have an option to turn the back speakers off by default (atleast for BT Audio it was this way). Go through your HU settings and make sure everything is turned on.
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