Question about 8" woofer

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Hey guys I'm a newb so forgive this odd question but I have a 8" dvc polk sub that is going in a harley tourpak. I have it in a subwoofer box now but I was curious if it needs to be in a box. I understand that if it's out in the open that the required air space is necessary but the way I have it set up now is a box inside a box... Could I just build a small support for the sub since it's inside a "ported trunk?" Thanks for any advice.


  • You won't get the most out of the subwoofer. Each sub is created to be put in a specific box with it you will get less than optimal performance and even might damage it. I would keep it in a box or get a low profile box at a minimum to keep performance up.
  • K_MK_M Posts: 787
    I never understood the idea of trying to listen to music, on a motorcycle. The bike itself is far too noisy, and wearing a helmet limits sound a lot, and wind and being in the open limits it even more....

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