DXI6501 crossover wiring installation question/ help needed

Do these crossovers that come with the Dxi6501s require an amp for each of them? My receiver is the Kenwood DPX502BT. If not, what input/output is used to connect the crossovers to the receivers. And also if they are required, what input/output is used to connect the amp or amps to the receiver? Which leads me to the 3rd question, if needed do i need one for each crossover?

Would be so much appreciated if i could get a response asap. My car is completely in pieces right now. Thanks.


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    Welcome to Polk's forum. While not absolutely necessary these speakers would sound their best if they were driven by a separate power amplifier. Here is a link that shows the connections, use the lower illustration that shows the component speakers:
    Regards, Ken
  • I asked 3 or 4 different questions. 3 did not get answered. Which i don't need anymore. I've already hooked it up. My opinion it doesn't sound good and needs an amp. And I have the manual thank you but that photo doesnt answer anything that i asked. Now I'm wondering if i will need a 2 channel amp or a 4 channel amp to hook up 2 tweeters and 4 speakers ( 2 db652s and 2 dxi6501s)??
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 5,794
    You're welcome. Each component speaker (tweeter, driver and crossover) will require one channel of amplification. The same applies to each of the coaxial speakers, each speaker needs one channel of amplification. You could use either a good quality 4 channel amplifier or two 2 channel amplifiers.
  • I bought an amp because it was such a good price and reviews were all good. Not really my chose in brand but anyhow, it's a boss pv3700. I put the 6501s in the front and the 652s in the rear. power, ground, remote cables installed. now this is where i need some help. i ran an rca cable from the hu to the amp. thought i was done. turned it on and no sound from rear speakers. thought another set of rcas from amp to hu rear input. nope no sound. then read speaker wire needs to run from amp to speaker but i was lost on how it was suppose to attach. speaker wire end is double stranded and speaker connectors are metal posts so i just wrapped the wire around it just to test it. didn't work. then read that wire needs to ran from amp to crossover input. that's the front so i don't see how that would help but connected anywy. now front speakers dont work so took that last hook up out and fronts work again but no rear. i
    i'm so frustrated
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    There will be two pairs of RCA cables that go from the Kenwood to the Boss, one pair is for the "front" connection and one pair for the "rear" connections. According to page 34 of the Kenwood unit the connections on the left side of the rear are "rear" on the top "front" in the middle and "sub" on the bottom. The left connectors are for the "right" channel and the right connectors are for the "left" channel.
    So, a total of 4 RCA cables go from the connections on the Kenwood to the Boss amp, these are "front" right and left and "rear" right and left. Then make the speaker wire connections from the Boss to the speakers.
  • I tried that also. had just the front and the rear on the head unit. When you say 4 rca cables, do you mean 2 pairs?
    See this is where I'm confused, Speaker wire from boss to speakers? So connect them directly to the speaker? how so when its just cut wire and the speaker has like metal prong or posts? And then also they are saying that the speaker wire is suppose to go the crossovers? Do I do both? have speaker wire going to the rears directly and then speaker wires going to crossovers?
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    Did you wire in the "remote lead" to turn the amp on and off from the head unit to the amp? It's usually the blue or blue/white stripe lead on HU wire harness.
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    Yes, there will be 2 pairs of RCA connections. The DXi6501 have an outboard crossover, this means your Boss amp will connect to the crossover first and then branch to the tweeter and mid-range as shown on page 5 of the manual I referenced.
    I don't mean any offense and I'm not trying to discourage you from doing this yourself, but you might want to check with a good car audio installation shop and ask them to install the system?
  • yes, like i said the front speakers are working and being powered by the amp. the sound has changed so i know the amp is working. just doesnt sound good yet
  • well kenneth as you can see you keep repeating the same steps and i keep telling you i've done that. i'm asking for help on troubleshooting so i don't mean any offense by this but if there is anybody out there that has the skills to help me, please do. thanks
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    samavi wrote: »
    well kenneth as you can see you keep repeating the same steps and i keep telling you i've done that. i'm asking for help on troubleshooting so i don't mean any offense by this but if there is anybody out there that has the skills to help me, please do. thanks

    Ken has forgotten more audio "skills" than you or I will ever know. Posting some pictures of the connections would go a long way.
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