Which 6.5 Components

I am considering installing Polks in my Volvo V50. Actually I have some Polk Mobile Monitor 6501 from 1990 in the car now and they really sound good until pushed. Then they show their age as they have been through a lot. They look just like the old MW65xx used in the vintage Polk home speakers.

The V50 has the Premium Sound with Dolby ProLogicII which I don't use. I am mainly using just the front door speakers, which are 3-way (6.75" woofer, 3.5" midrange, 1" textile dome tweeters on the pillars. The XO's are 2nd order high-pass. The system has an external amp by Alpine that is rated 70W RMS but not sure at what impedance. The factory speakers are marked 4 ohm but their static resistance measures 3 ohms. I know usually manufacturers like to inflate the numbers but this thing really cranks, is very fast and is clean.

The system would likely drive the MM6501's but I am also looking at the DB6501 and the DB+ (DB6502). There is plenty of room behind the speaker so depth is no issue.

I welcome any opinion on which would give the best SQ. I am good with going 2-way.

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