PSW110 Design Flaw?

I've had two sub amplifiers on the PSW110 fail, each approximately three years apart. I am quite surprised, considering my usage is minimal. The symptoms are a soft rhythmic thumping / pulsing sound can be heard from the sub upon power-on, but that's it.

Since I'm out of warranty, I hesitate to spend more $$ for a replacement amp or another Polk sub. Even though I love the sound and haven't had issues with any of their speakers (I replaced my factory car audio with Polk as well), perhaps they are just not as reliable for subs?

Have any of you guys had success fixing the amp on the PSW110?


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    Welcome to Polk's forum. I wouldn't call it a design flaw, rather a component reliability failure. Namely some of the capacitors can be prone to early failure which can result in other associated components failing. I know this won't make you feel any better, but this subwoofer has been sold by the tens of thousands and the number of amplifier failures has been significantly less than usual industry failure rate standards.
    Keep in mind Club Polk members receive a 20% discount on replacement parts, amplifiers included, and free shipping and it is easy to exchange with the defective unit.
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    What is the usual industry failure rate on amps such as this?
  • I find it very telling that your question was not answered. Cant help but think that moderators comment was complete bs. Not a design flaw. Just a complete flaw in a realatively large number of amp boards , basically a $200 or more brick for a lot of folks. Polk should be replacing with a different board that is used in 10 inch cabs. that would not be so difficult.
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    Once again reviving another thread over a year old.
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