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I am impressed with the LC7i! Pricey but one of the best LOC's (line output converters) I have ever used.

I added Focal 165AS component in front and Focal 165AC coaxial speakers in rear, Kenwood Excelon 5 channel amp and JL Audio 10W3v2 sub in Bassworx enclosure to my 2015 Malibu LTZ. It is equipped with Mylink radio which I want to keep but it has no pre outs, hence the LOC. I used a scope to find max volume without clipping from the Mylink at various frequencies. Volume range 0 - 45, 30 is tops before clipping starts.

The LC7i has output gain controls and a Maximized light. I used my scope to set output volume to the amp for the three channels (front, rear and sub) and found the Maximized light is very accurate to show clipping.

I used two lengths of OFC nine wire harness to connect LOC to radio speaker outputs and amp to speakers. Amp is mounted in right rear trunk, where optional factory amp would live. When trunk trim is in place all is hidden.

Sounds great!


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    Clean install! I do miss installing car stereos, it's been a couple years for me.
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