Denon dn-1200f.

I was lucky enough to pick up 7 of these beast with the control module dn-1200c for free. I got the control to work but I wanted to use the computer program which was included in the original floppy disc. My question is can I upload the floppy disc program to a new computer and it'll be compatible? It seems like my computer meets the minimum computer requirement for the program but I'm unsure about the old program on a new computer thing cause the guy I picked it up from stated it needed a windows 95 operating system. He did also include a laptop with windows 95 operating system but seems like the battery is out. Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Dennis GardnerDennis Gardner Posts: 4,590
    There is no harm in trying to open the disc with a current version of Windows. You may get a popup that lets you know that it isn't supported, but no harm to the disc will happen.
  • Thanks. Going to order me a floppy disk drive and give it a go.
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