Can I install sub to 04 maxima factory

Just wondering if I could install a small compact sub in my 04 maxima that of course has Bose with amp and also sub but I just need a little more thump.

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  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,012
    Can't be wholly sure about that. I have been told before that if a bose system is installed it needs an extra $100 or so part to be able to customize.

    Could be right...could not be but that is what my local car audio shop states.
  • cyoungcyoung Posts: 2
    Thank you. Do u happen to know what that part is?
  • txcoastal1txcoastal1 Posts: 7,433
    Try contacting Crutchfield
    There usually is a special harness for Bose auto conversions
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 1,587
    Back in 04 I tried to get help from Crutchfield, they were NO help at all.
  • All you need is like a $20 part from eBay to take line level inputs from one of your speaker wire to go to a sub amp.
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