Wanted: Donations of Magnet-Shifted Drivers for my FREE Polk Driver Exchange service



  • teekay0007teekay0007 Posts: 1,939
    WasecaTech wrote: »
    I'm preparing to retweet Monitor 10's with RDO-194's. Vintage 1988 speakers. Would it be wise to JB Weld the drivers magnet for preventive maintenance while I have them out of service? I've searched for this info but yet to find. Thank You!

    Yes, a great idea.
  • mixscientistmixscientist Posts: 3
    edited January 2017
    Hey I have 2 MW6500's from my 7B's with shifted magnates that I would trade for 1 MW6500 that works. I attempted to do the whole jig thing but its been 3 days on and off and I haven't been able to get it lined up. If your interested in a swap like that, Im game!
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  • verbverb Posts: 89
    hello @lawdogg - do you have a 6511? thanks !!!
  • lawdogglawdogg Posts: 259
    Hi @verb I just checked and unfortunately no I don't have any 6511s at the moment. Shoot!
    <3 my 3.1TLs

    I will fix your shifted magnets for free. :)
  • VSAT88VSAT88 Posts: 536
    PM sent.
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