2016 AXPONA - Chicago, IL pictures



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    For those of you that were there, @WLDock do you the artists and track names if any of the artists that Andrew Jones or Joseph Audio used to demo their speakers & associated electronics?Thanks!

    The only songs I remember from the show were:

    Seal - 'Killer' (Acoustic Version)
    Jen Chapin - 'You Haven't Done Nothin'

    There were a couple of others I don't remember the artist or title. One was a blues song talking about "His women comin' home around fo' the the next day" and a ballad with "never forget" in the lyrics. That's all I remember.

    I just found out about the blues song, as you put it "His women comin' home around fo' the the next day." The name of the song is Get Your Lies Straight by Terry Evans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX0WjTkDvy4 Love that opening guitar!
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