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  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 2,597
    edited June 17
    Man I wish I had the time. I am just over 400 miles. First service is scheduled for 600 miles. Be nice to get that done so I get into it a it little more.

    Been getting a false neutral, 3 times now, between 5 and 6. Might be a technique thing or the tranny is tight being new, but im not happy about it.
  • msgmsg Posts: 2,872
    Rick, man, that sure is a LOT of well kept chrome.
    Keeping it that nice, how do you find the time to ride?
    Or anything else for that matter.
  • motorstereomotorstereo Posts: 562
    Couple pics from Laconia. I got pretty wet riding up on Friday but still had a good time
  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 2,597
    From my solo ride today
  • ROHfanROHfan Posts: 1,001
    My 2003 Honda ACE 750.

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