So Cal meet...



  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 15,908
    Pick a date guys... Lightman might be around in March, bit I would like to do some thing before my son is born on February 27th...
  • txcoastal1txcoastal1 Posts: 7,471
    Pick a date guys... Lightman might be around .

    Now you are scaring people off

    Congrats on the new baby

  • JaybeezJaybeez Posts: 245
    Ugh, January and February weekends are all booked for me. Work stuff, NAMM, drag races, and a wine country weekend away with the Mrs. have me booked until March. Will keep track though in case something changes, or this moves a bit later.
    And yes, congrats on the impending birth!
  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 836
    I might be able to come up from Chula. My oldest lives in Thousand Oaks, I could swing it by the wife she can visit the kid while I go audio nuts.
  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 15,908
    let me know when... bring some vinyl to clean as well. B)
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