TSx 550T??

TSx 550T, How long has this speaker been around? No one seems to be talking much about this speaker, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

I can find a lot of info, reviews on all the other pollk speakers, but not much on this one. Has anyone reviewed this speaker?


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    You're right, the info seems scant, and I always wondered about these, myself. I only vaguely remember input from another member, about two years ago, who was looking at A7's or the 550's, iirc, and he had a chance to demo both in a shop. He chose the 550's, but I can't remember now specifically what he said or why. I think the gist was that he liked them better for music.
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    Those boys are a fairly new line, and not many of us have had our ears on them. They're replacing the series below the RTi-a line! And there have been a number of other series since the Monitor 70s/60s/50s/etc. This is the latest replacement for that group.
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    Well I can at least say I like the looks of the TSx 550T, I was thinking about purchasing these speakers, but from the little info or negative info, I think I will pass. I guess we know the Rti A7's are better then the TSx 550T. but that's about it.

    I also noticed on the Polk site, they seem to steering people away from them.

    with answers like this.

    · 19 days ago
    The RTiA7s have better components in them. The crossovers are wired differently. The RTiA7 will be bassier and better on the highs and mids, over the TSX550T.

    · 6 months ago
    Is there a noticeable difference between the TSx550T and the RTiA7? Or is it a case where I'd have to go and listen to judge for myself?

    · 6 months ago
    I would go with the RTiA7s. They will be better than the TSX. The highs will be crisper and the lows will be deeper.

    · a year ago
    Hello, I don't know which of both speakers to buy? (RTi A7 or TSx550T). The use of speakers will be cinema & music. I like Classic, Symphonies, Rock, New Age, Pop .... etc. I'm sorry for my english, it's no good. Best regards.
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    · a year ago
    I have the RTiA7 and I really like them. Also they dont take a lot of power to drive them.

    · 2 years ago
    The RTiA7 and the TSx550T are the same price, but which one is a better choice for music listening only (no HT application)? The pair will be driven by a Yamaha A-S500 integrated amp (85W per channel). Music repertoire is vocal, pop, classical. Thanks.
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    · 2 years ago
    Thank you for your reply, but my question isn't really answered. So, which of the two speakers is BETTER for music listening ONLY (just a pair, no subwoofer)? Thank you.

    · 2 years ago
    I have had good luck with my A7s. I am using them in the same application, I only listen to music in a 2.1 system. I'm powering them with a 80 watt per channel recevier, which is low but it works. To get the most out of either of those speakers more power is better.

    · 2 years ago
    What are better RTiA7 or TSx550T ? they both cost almost the same.
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    · 2 years ago
    The RTiA7 are better no doubt. I have a pair at the house and they are absolutly fantastic. The RTiA is a step up from the TSx line.

    · 2 years ago
    I am trying to choose between TSX 55T and RTiA7 please help I am using a Onkyo NR 828 and mostly listen to Greatful Dead and Movies. Just Can`t choose, Thank you
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    · 2 years ago
    The RTiA7 will be great with that receiver. They match up very well. The TSX will also pair well with the 828. The RTiA will give you a more fuller sound, they are much brighter than the TSX. Thank you for the question.
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    Ya the tsx is replacing the tsi line. Least from what it seems
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    So... I wonder if a TSX 550 T would be a good proposal (in used market)... But what I see here is a serious black out about those (I think nice) loudspeakers...

    Someone could tell me about TSX 550 T "sound" (if this could be done, of course)... In Portugal there is no way to ear such an object of sound...

    Power is no problem (200W rms / 8 ohms; 400W rms 4 ohms, etc.), damping factor too (750 for each mono power amp), disposal current idem (150 A peak-to-peak for each)... So, a pair of TSX 550 T its not a "bad" deal at all (I would expect)...

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    You could definitely do better than those.
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    Unless you getting a good deal on them I would look at the Signature line. I did get a good listen on the 440t/550t once. They did have a nice warm laid back sound to them. I was looking for them to be on sale before I got into my Signatures. Never did see a good sale on them new or used.
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  • Bought the TSx 550 towers on a whim on sale. Don’t use them much cause they are not primary setup. Also, have not much to compare. That said, I really like them. Clear, detailed but maybe lacks good bass. I’d recommend utilizing a sub with them.
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